We are looking forward to welcome and host you as our guest!
According to §2 (3) of the CoronaVO restaurants law, we are obliged to request the following data:

  • Last name and first name of the guest
  • Start and end of the visit
  • Number of accompanying family members
  • Phone number or address

In addition, you hereby confirm to observe the indicated hygiene measures.

Please click on "Form" to enter your details and confirm by clicking the "Send" button.
The follow-up form must be completed separately for each household / family.

We collect and save your data for the purpose of providing information to the health department or the local police authority. We will delete them four weeks after receipt.

Responsible organization: TZB Service GmbH, Hessenhöfe 33, D-89143 Blaubeuren, Germany.
You will find our general information on the processing of personal data on our homepage under "Data protection".